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Hawai`i is full of can be wild, soft, fierce, influenced my music and, definitely, my texts - and me.

The first time I went to Maui, I was in a very bad state. I didn`t want to sing, and I spent most of the time in the water or on hikes, trying to find peace in nature.
A friend of mine, a guitarist, kept urging me to make music with him, and to sing for a group that got together for mantra singing and prayers. I resisted quite well, but one day he said "if you have a talent, you have to share it".

It wasn`t easy - but quite relieving - and I am very thankful that he kept nagging :-)

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Fresh music for fresh ears
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When a strange dream turns into a song:
When you have everything, you have everything to loose
That doesn`t mean so much to you if you don`t put it to use 

Enjoy Randall Brown on Guitar, Dirk Ritz on Bass, Marco Moeller on Drums

I´ve been practicing lucid dreaming - I love exploring the mind (and getting ideas for songs :-)). Two tricks to know whether you are dreaming or not: 1. Check where you have been before you came where you are - dreams usually don`t have a realistic timeline. 2. Look at what is behind you, look straight, look behind you again. In dreams, the scenery is likely to have changed.
In lucid dreams, you can interfere with your dream reality to a certain extend. That gave me a deeper understanding, that we may have more influence on our lives than we think. It`s not easy to change the mindset, but it`s worth it - be happy


This is a song that turned out completely different than I intended it to be, thanks to the contribution of my beautiful studio band and my magical producer. It touches me - I think it says something about how people see me, and it feels consoling. I intended the arrangement to be more agressive and dramatic, and now it actually has a playful, lighter touch (and still enough drama :-)
Well, it certainly also says something about the musicians. I´m very impressed how everybody felt their way into it, especially because it`s not a standard arrangement, and I am very thankful for the inspirantions everbody put into it.
Enjoy Michael Leuschner on Flugelhorn, Randall Brown on guitar, Dirk Ritz on bass and Marco Moeller on Drums.
Listen closely to detect the Berimbau - a bow lute that I made myself years ago in Sao Luis and brought back from Brasil. It is used to accompany Capoeira, a Brazilian marcial art that is disguised in a dance.


Anei is a singer from Hamburg, Germany.
Growing up, she enjoyed making all kinds of music, from Renaissance to Punk music. Her first release was a vinyl album with the Trash Punk band Axolotls.
While studying classical singing, she supported the CATS` voices in the booth, and started touring with the a Cappella group Lalelu, winning several cabaret prizes and releasing several CDs. The group was featured in the radio and on TV.
Later, she was involved in smaller music projects, including her own music cabaret show with Henrike Gebauer and Tango music.

Her music is difficult to label, for it is influenced by Aneis vast interest in all kinds of music, including Afro-Brazialian, Classical, Modern Jazz, Gamelan, Tango, Jodel, Bluegrass, Lado, Elektro and many more. It could maybe best be described as a mixture of Alternative Rock, Independent, Singer Songwriter and Blues.

Her studies in music ethnology and longer stays in different countries add to her style, and she likes collecting sounds in all kinds of places to use them in her songs.